And the Lancaster Dog is ... topped with red beet egg salad and pretzels.

The winner among more than 40 entries in Limerick Neighborhood Delicatessen's Lancaster Hot Dog Contest is Shannon McCoy's suggestion of a hot dog topped with red beet egg salad, mustard and crushed Hammond's pretzels and served on a pretzel roll.

Limerick owner Michael Sirianni announced the winner this morning on Facebook, in honor of National Hot Dog Day, and says the dog will be added to the North Lime Street deli's menu for a year, starting today.

 Limerick already has hot dogs on its menu representing New York, Chicago, Seattle and Cleveland.

So contestants were asked to submit ideas for toppings they believe best represent Lancaster County. The dozens of suggestions were winnowed down to five finalists.

On Sunday, Sirianni prepared the five hot dogs.

The three contest judges — author and photographer Brian Yarvin, author Jamie Beth Cohen and musician Liz Fulmer — judged the five finalists in the contest during Matt Johnson's live "Hello, Neighbor" podcast being broadcast from the deli.

The submissions for the contest were "super-creative," Sirianni says. "Some of them were a little out there. There were a few hot dogs that sounded really good, but we didn't think they represented Lancaster.

"There was one with brie on it," he adds, "One was a deep-fried hot dog, and we don't have a deep fryer."

The hot dog suggestions had to be ones that he could make easily in the deli, in quantity, every day, he adds.

McCoy wins a $50 gift certificate to the deli, and bragging rights on this National Hot Dog Day.

The other finalists, and their suggestions for toppings, were:

• Audrey Heinze: A hot dog topped with a pepper jelly/cream cheese spread and crispy maple scrapple bits and served on a pretzel roll.

• Kari Shirley: A hot dog topped with shoofly-glazed bacon, spicy chow-chow and crushed Martin’s Kettle Chips.

• Adam Willard: A hot dog topped with sauerkraut, melted cheddar, apple butter and chives.

• Jason Ingariola: A hot dog wrapped in Lebanon bologna, topped with cream cheese, sauerkraut and mustard and served on a pretzel roll.