On this week’s "Inspirational Athletes" podcast, we’re switching things up to mark the special episode No. 100. In doing so, LNP sports reporter and podcast host John Walk is instead turning the microphone on himself. More on that in a bit.

We’ve been blessed to this point with some incredible guests. Of the 99 previous episodes - plus three bonus episodes - guests have included 3 former US Olympians, 4 former pro athletes, 4 high school student-athletes, 11 high school coaches, 12 pro athletes, 14 college coaches, 25 college student-athletes, and many more that don’t really fit among those categories but were still great guests nonetheless.

Instead of hearing someone else’s story, as we’ve done every week for the last two years or so on the podcast, I instead ultimately decidedly to turn the microphone on myself. You see, I’ve been through some trials personally these last few years. I’ve generally kept most of those details private. But it’s made me realize that we all go through trials in life. We all have our own ups and downs.

That’s one of the reasons I started this podcast in the first place. Sure, I could’ve done a weekly football or weekly basketball show. And while that may have been fun, I felt I could do more in this approach with the "Inspirational Athletes" podcast. To bring in folks, hear about their toughest moments along the way and learn how they climbed their way out of those valleys. And maybe listeners could learn something from it and apply it to their own lives. That’s the kind of podcast that might make a difference in this world, at least in my eyes.

So with that being said, on this episode I decided to reveal some of the details behind what these last few years have been like in my personal life. Years that included a bout with cancer, death of loved ones, and a miscarriage of our first child.

And maybe through telling this story, you can relate it to whatever issue you are facing and know that you’re not alone. And possibly learn how I’ve picked myself up and kept going, and be encouraged to keep going yourself.

At the end of the day, that’s what this entire podcast has been all about.