Akron Borough building.

When: Akron Borough Council meeting, July 30.

What happened: In a meeting unexpectedly cut short by a technical glitch, Borough Council approved temporary outdoor seating to a restaurant, through Nov. 15. Rosa Conigliaro of Nonna Rosa, 363 S. Seventh St., asked permission to use seven of the nine parking spaces in front of her restaurant for eight dining tables, all spaced six feet apart.

Why it matters: Under Gov. Tom Wolf’s current limit of 25% capacity, the 130-seat eatery can only serve about 30 patrons and no alcohol at the bar. The outdoor seating, Conigliaro said, would bring the eatery back to 50% and allow it to bring back some employees.

Safety concerns: Addressing concerns about safety of patrons seated at tables in close proximity to cars entering the parking lot, Conigliaro said a concrete barrier would be set up. An alternate plan calls for tables at the south side of the building, she said.

Other business: Council approved two contracts — for $54,871 and $30,900 — from Mr. Rehab of Mechanicsburg to reline aging sewer pipes on South 10th and 11th streets, New Street, Broad Street and Diller Avenue.

Bad connection: Council lost an internet connection halfway through its agenda. Solicitor Ken Shirk said council had to adjourn because the meeting was advertised to be accessible to the public via Zoom and a few residents had tuned in.

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