Clay Township building

When: Supervisors meeting, April 12.

What happened: Chief Wes Clark and member Sue Hamberger of Middle Creek Search and Rescue, Lancaster County Station 94, asked about the possibility of constructing a 24-foot by 24-foot climate-controlled pole barn on the northwest corner of the township grounds at 870 Durlach Road, Stevens.

Why it matters: Currently the township allows the search and rescue team to store its equipment in a shed on township premises, with its 16-foot trailer parked adjacently. However, the shed is not climate controlled. Clark said his team is starting to notice “adverse conditions” that are affecting the equipment. He described the problems as “premature for this kind of stuff,” such as mold in first-aid bags and glitches in computerized equipment. Hamberger said during the winter, the trailer hitch would freeze and volunteers would have to carry a propane tank to unfreeze it.

Solution: A climate-controlled pole barn would fix the problem, Clark said. He said a 24-foot by 24-foot facility should be enough for the search and rescue unit’s needs. The pole barn would provide indoor storage for the trailer, plus half a dozen shelves for equipment. He told supervisors it would be constructed in phases, ideally getting the shell of the barn constructed first to provide indoor storage for the trailer.

Township plans: Clark asked officials if the township was planning on constructing any additional storage sheds or barns on the property for municipal use. Township manager Bruce Leisey said the township is considering building a fueling station, something he called “a short-term need.”

Quotable: “We don’t want to interfere with any (township) plans for the future by any means,” Clark said.

Next steps: Chair Tim Lausch told Clark and Hamberger to come back to supervisors in June to present a formal proposal. Vice chair Keith Martin asked about a timeline for the project. Clark responded by asking the township to provide them with a timeframe. Martin told him the township should have a final decision by September or October.

What’s next: Supervisors will meet at 7 a.m. on April 27 at the township building.

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