East Drumore

East Drumore Township Municipal Building is at 1246 Robert Fulton Highway, south of Quarryville.

When: East Drumore Township supervisors meeting June 3.

What happened: East Drumore officials gave residents Aaron and Lavina Lapp feedback on their Airbnb rental property on Hopkins Mill Road, which is said to be an illegal operation. Zoning Officer Richard Ryan offered two options to help the couple find a solution.

Why it matters: Ryan said in a June 4 phone call he received information from a local resident about the LappsThe Lapp family bought a home across the street from their farm on Hopkins Mill Road to use as an Airbnb rental property. Ryan said this matter has been ongoing for the past five months, and he has been in contact with township solicitor Dwight Yoder. The township is trying to work with the Lapps to prevent any future liability issues.

The first option: The first choice given by the township was for the Lapps was to classify their business as a bed and breakfast instead of an Airbnb. By doing that, the Lapp family would not be required to live in the home.

Second option: The other option was for their property to remain an Airbnb. The township zoning ordinance requires Airbnb renters to have at least one family member living in the home. Ryan told Aaron Lapp he  could request a variance to not live in the house from the township Zoning Hearing Board. A variance is a deviation from the ordinance, and applicants for variances often argue they have a hardship. Ryan said the Lapps, who are Amish, may have a hardship because the Amish do not want to live with English tenants.

Hearing cost: Should Lapp decide to request a variance due to a hardship, he would be charged $800 for the hearing.

Quotable: “It’s a resolvable situation one way or another. I would not want to see you give up your business. It’s just your choice on how you want to proceed,” Ryan told  Lapp.

Next steps: The supervisors asked the Lapps to come back on July 1 to notify them of a final decision. The 7:30 p.m. meeting will be at the  township building, 925 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville.

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