When: Solanco school board meeting, Aug. 3.

What happened: Superintendent Brian Bliss presented an updated plan on reopening school that calls for middle and high school students to attend class in person two days a week and learn at home three days a week. Students in kindergarten through grade 5 will be in school all five days because it is more difficult for younger children to learn remotely, school officials said.

How it works: To minimize the amount of students in the classroom, students in grades 6-12 whose last name begins with A-L will be in school Mondays and Tuesdays; students whose last name begins with M-Z will go to school Thursdays and Fridays. The other three days of the week students will learn through virtual learning or Solanco Flex, a remote learning aid designed to simulate face to face interaction between students and teachers.

Background: Advantages to reopening schools include providing food security and preventing social isolation, making it easier for to recognize learning deficits, as well as child abuse. Parents have the option to keep their children at home using homeschooling or remote learning. The school district is prepared to go completely remote at any time.

Social distancing: Students will be seated 6 feet apart, both in the classroom and in the cafeteria.

Buses: Parents are encouraged to find alternative methods of transportation. Since it may not be possible to socially distance the students during a bus ride, students are required to wear a mask at all times.

Masks: Students will be required to wear masks unless they provide documented medical needs or documented disabilities that would make use of a mask detrimental to their health and ability to attend school.

What’s next: The school board will keep the public informed as any potential changes take place. School is scheduled to reopen Aug. 31.