West Cocalico

West Cocalico township building.

When: West Cocalico supervisors meeting, May 19.

What happened: Supervisors discussed some problems with drivers motoring around in the township with loud exhaust systems. Supervisor James Stoner described complaints about small vehicles with loud mufflers near Schoeneck. Supervisor Jeff Sauder said the township’s noise ordinance does not seem to have a provision for limiting this kind of vehicle noise.

Quotable: “I’ve been quite inundated. … I don’t have an agenda here. More than a few people have called me and I told them I would follow up. … I just want to keep my word,” Stoner said.

Next steps: Supervisors will seek comment from the Ephrata Police Department, which patrols the township, about whether limits on muffler noise are enforceable.

Traffic: Supervisors also discussed safety at the intersection of Indiantown and Line roads, recently outfitted with four-way stop signs. Township officials said they will continue to look at accident rates and citation reports from that area.