Turf Replacement-Warwick High School

Turf replacement on Grosh Field at Warwick High School in Lititz Tuesday June 16, 2020.

Warwick School District on Wednesday tweaked its spectator limits at extracurricular events in order to allow parents to attend.

According to a post on the district website Thursday, Warwick School District will now permit four invited guests for each home team member and cheerleader to outdoor events at the stadium, and four invited guests for each home team member to indoor events.

If space allows, Warwick athletic director Ryan Landis will consult with the opposing team regarding permitted visitor invited guests.

The changes will go into effect immediately.

Coaches, officials, student-athletes on the sidelines, game staff and spectators age 2 and older will be required to wear face coverings, unless they are outdoors and can consistently maintain a social distance of at least six feet. Facial coverings are required to be worn while entering and exiting, or moving around the outdoor facility.

In order to prevent potential community spread of COVID-19, guests are not permitted to approach any student participants, staff members or invited guests from visiting teams before, during or after an event.

As noted in the post, the move was done, "based on the changing rules surrounding spectators at athletic events."

It came two days after the Eastern Lancaster County School Board approved a measure at its Monday meeting to increase spectator capacity to 33-percent at indoor and outdoor extracurricular activities at Garden Spot, which equates to around 148 people for an indoor event and 990 people at an outdoor event.

It also comes as spectator limits have been a hot-button issue at the state level. The Pa. General Assembly on Sept. 2 passed House Bill 2787, which guaranteed local school boards the authority to set spectator limits despite guidance from Gov. Tom Wolf that set limits of 250 people at outdoor gatherings, and 25 people at indoor gatherings.

Last week, federal District Court Judge William S. Stickman IV, ruling on a lawsuit, called Wolf’s limitations unconstitutional. Stickman doubled down on that assessment Monday.

Also Monday, Wolf vetoed 2787. The State House then failed to override the veto in a vote that took place in Harrisburg on Wednesday.

However, after Wednesday's PIAA board of directors meeting, executive director Robert Lombardi essentially signaled that parents should be able to attend games out of concerns for player safety should there be an injury to a student-athlete during a game, and to let it up to individual school districts to make the call on spectator limits.

On a related note, the Manheim Township School Board is holding a special meeting Thursday at 5 p.m. for the sole purpose of discussion of and deciding on spectator limits at athletic events.

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